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The carpet that we receive is either completely recycled through various outlets or goes to waste to energy at our local, state of the art Covanta incinerator. We guarantee that none of the carpet we receive will go to a landfill. Through our relationships with various trucking companies, we can arrange to have semi-trailers placed at any site. Upon completion of the project, the trailers will be picked up and shipped back to us for processing. The fee for transportation and processing is paid for by the customer, and upon request we will document the specific destination of your post-consumer carpet. Because KCR is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, the crossroads of America, it is an ideal location to bring in carpet by truck. The city itself is within one day’s drive of 65% of the nation’s population, making it very convenient to process and less costly to ship.

More About Kruse Carpet Recycling

Bring your carpet and pad material to Kruse Carpet Recycling, and we’ll dispose of it.

WE specialize in identifying and sorting carpet based on it's fiber type and backing material.  Once we have identified these materials we can determine the best way to recycle it.

Rebond and prime carpet underlay and/or pad, is 100% recyclable.

No test necessary. As long as it is dry, we will take it off your hands, and process it for recycling back into more carpet pad.

How can you tell if your carpet is recyclable?

The only way is to bring it in, or mail in a small (4”x 4”) sample piece, and let us perform a quick carpet fiber test.

Other facts about kruse carpet recycling

  • We also recycle several other products including Lexan Windows, Foam Seat Cushions and Super Sacks.
  • Kruse Carpet Recycling has the one collection site in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • For more information about carpet recycling, click on Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).
  • We not only collect and sort carpet but also produce our own product from non-recyclable PET fibers.  Please check out our horse footing material at www.krusecushionride.com.

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