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Kruse Carpet Recycling is your #1 resource for the reclamation of CARPET TILE in Indiana.

Do you have a project where you must recycle or be LEED compliant?  We can help!  We can offer you “Environmentally Friendly” methods and hopefully avoid having your project materials be landfilled!

CARPET TILE comes in many different types and this will affect the method in how we recycle or repurpose this material.  If you have a project coming up where you know CARPET TILE is being removed, your first phone call should be to Kruse Carpet Recycling (317-337-1950).  By speaking with one of our specialists we can work together to figure out the best environmentally friendly method to recycle the carpet tile.

A Few Things You Should Know

Once we determine what we can do with your CARPET TILE we can offer a few different options on our recycling services:

  • Depending on the location, we can provide a dumpster to the job site where the CARPET TILE can be loaded loosely.  We would then process the load at our facility by palletizing and shrink wrapping the CARPET TILE.  There would be a hauling and processing fee associated with this option.  Please note that only whole tiles are accepted, and an additional fee will be charged if the load is contaminated or wet.
  • We can also accept deliveries of palletized and shrink-wrapped CARPET TILE at our location.
  • We must determine the CARPET TILES recyclability before we can accept anything at our location.
  • We are happy to provide you with a CERTIFICATE OF RECLAMATION.

READY TO GET STARTED? questions? inquiries?

Give us a call today at (317) 337-1950 to discuss your needs or fill out an online form to get started.